Trip Planner

The following documents will assist you in planning your trip:

  • Trip Planner for Calgary Departures
  • PreTrip Questionnaire – you will require your online fishing license number prior to filling in this form. Below you will find instructions on how to obtain an online fishing license.
  • Tipping Information in FAQ’s

Online Fishing License Purchase Instructions

As a result of changes made by the department of fishing and oceans, Naden Lodge is no longer able to provide fishing licenses to our guests. All saltwater fishing licenses and Pacific Salmon Stamps must now be purchased online by the fisherman. The following information will assist you in your purchase. Begin by clicking on the link directly below if you have not previously purchased a saltwater fishing license online. If you have previously purchased a saltwater fishing license online, please click on the link near the bottom of this page and log in with your e-mail address and password and select “Obtain a License” and then follow the steps below.

If selecting a 3 or 5 day license, choose the first day of your trip as the license start date

  • Once you have completed your personal information and have selected your license type, you will advance to Step 2 of 3. On this page in the left column select “Obtain a Stamp” and select “Pacific Salmon Stamp”. Without this stamp you will be unable to keep any salmon you catch
  • Proceed to the next step and pay for your license and Pacific Salmon Stamp
  • Once completed, print out your license and bring with you on your trip
  • If you lose your license it can be reprinted by logging back into the government licensing system using the link below and the “Returning Fishers” option and then selecting “License Replacement”

Please give us a call at the lodge (1.800.771.TYEE) if you are experiencing any difficulty with your license purchase and we will be pleased to assist you.